Studio Gear

Console Quick Start Guide – Studio Console Help


Field Gear

Here you will find some ideas and discussion on field equipment you will want to use for this class. This equipment is available for 1-day ESC checkout through your instructor.

***Equipment can be returned to Eric Zoller during class or to Bill Molash in the ESC main office. You are 100% financially responsible for the equipment you check out. Take care of the gear and return on time so that other students can check it out too.



Sony MDR 7506 Over-Ear Headphones w/ 1/4″ Adapter for headphones with 1/8″ jack

Polsen HPC-A30



Audio Recorders

(1) Zoom H6 w/ 4 XLRs and microphone capsules

(2) Zoom H4N w/ 2 XLRs and on-board stereo mic

(2) Zoom H2n Handy Recorder Surround Sound microphones with 1/8″ adapter for microphone

(1) Zoom H1 w/on-board stereo mic and 1/8″ adapter for microphones



(2) Countryman EMW lav microphone (requires phantom power)

(1) Rode Reporter – handheld dynamic field microphone

(3) Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones and H2N Zoom Recorders

(2) Audio-Technica Boom Mic Kits (require phantom power)

(1) Sony 44B lav microphone

(1) Shure SM58 Handheld Dynamic Vocal Microphone




SD Cards – all of the recorders use on for recording – you might want your own 16GB SD Card

AA Batteries – all the recorders use these – you might want to carry spares!

XLR Cables

Rode SmartLav+ Adapters

Windscreens, DeadCats, Microphone Clips – easy to lose, so keep careful track of these

C-Stand and Boom Pole holder

Tabletop Microphone Stand