Web Links

Here is a collection of helpful resources available online.  Found a good resource you would like to share?  Let me know and I will post it here.

The Textbook Audio in Media 8th Edition

Home Studio Handbook

Inside Abbey Road

How to Properly Monitor Audio in the Field

Natural Sound to the Rescue

Join Our Class Discord

The Hierarchy of Recording Good Audio

Gated Reverb Video!!!

Recording Good Audio for Video (a past student’s final project)

Essential Problem Solving Accessories for LAV Mics

Do CDs sound better than Vinyl?

1993 Week in Rock

The Sound of Apocalypse Now

No Country For Old Men article from NY Times

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window article

9 Sound Design Hacks

Inside the Sound Design of Stranger Things

WALL-E Interview with sound designer Ben Burtt

Article about The Conversation

NY Times Article about The Artist

The Physics Classroom – Sound Waves and Music

Sound – HyperPhysics Concepts

7 ways to hide a LAV mic

Mac Basics:  Apple Tutorials for the Windows Folks

Audacity:  Free Audio Editor and Recorder

Audacity:  Online Help

An Introduction to GarageBand

An Introduction to Adobe Audition

Adobe TV: Audition – Video Tutorials from Adobe

Audition Tutorials

Free Music Archive – Creative Commons Goodies

Free Play Music – music for projects

Adobe Audition Sound Effects – sound effects for projects

Sounddogs Sound Effects

Free Sound.org

Sound Bible Sound Effects


The Magic of Making Sound (Sound Foley)

Here’s the audio console owner’s manual

Zoom H1 Recorder Manual

Zoom H2N Recorder Manual

Zoom H4N Recorder Manual

Zoom H6 Recorder Manual