Project Examples

Here are some examples of projects, some produced by students in previous semesters.  Projects have been posted to help clarify what is expected of you for class assignments and should not be considered “good” or “bad” projects. If you have questions as to what I think of the project, please see me.

These examples should not be considered as templates for what is expected for class projects. Each of these have good qualities and bad qualities. Simply copying what is done here will not guarantee you a passing grade on a class assignment. Further details about projects will be discussed in class. It is important that you be a part of that conversation to ensure you successfully and correctly complete projects.

Sound Effects StoriesCommercialsNPR Type Audio StoriesPodcasts

Sound Effects Stories

Note – these are samples of how the project should be put together, but not necessarily examples of how much media I would like to hear in them. Also, I am not looking for a radio show, rather a well told story with good sound (recording quality, editing and ambience/natural sound).

Note – these are just examples of projects produced by former students. There are both good and bad things here. These are posted for in-class discussion purposes and should not be used as literal examples as to what to create.

“Things That Are Not Cows.”